The Art of Metal (Demo) (2008) -- Catharsis (2011)

2011 - Catharsis
Release: 2011-10-22
Publisher: lilith-metal

        1     Exposition     00:36     [ Lyrics ]  
        2     Imago     04:12     [ Lyrics ] [ Sample ]
        3     Mother Of Sin     03:39     [ Lyrics ]  
        4     I Am Annihilation     05:27     [ Lyrics ]  
        5     Loreley     05:34     [ Lyrics ]  
        6     My Scarlet Bride     04:12     [ Lyrics ] [ Sample ]
        7     Dreamdead     04:34     [ Lyrics ] [ Sample ]
Lyrics: Imago
Length: 04:12
Tracknumber: 2
Do you know this barren wasteland – silent, still and cold?
Inner winter everlasting – all is spent and sold.
Do you know a grief unending? Do you know defeat?
Every truth is twisting, bending – wounds that always bleed.
Do you know the darkness? Do you know the fear?
Do you know the empty hours …Creeping near?
Live in my darkness!
Writhe in my fear!

This is the primal
First and essential
Nothing was before
This is my core
My core

Do you know disaster rising – sweltering in wrath,
Clenching fists with knuckles whitened, curse in every breath?
Do you know the taste of failure – final, fallen, foul?
Do you know the cry of vengeance – Desperation’s howl?
Do you know the nightmares tormenting my kind?
Do you know this shadow lurking …In my mind?
Witness my nightmares!
Suffer my torment!

This is the primal

We are adrift in nothingness
A none-rhyme-verse
And outside is just Chaos
Filthy and perverse
We are devoid of meaning
In spite our heart of gold
For all that’s on our inside
Is lifeless, hard and cold

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